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Feeling STUCK or confused with where to go next?


It's time we tap into your Inner Genius and figure out your true calling... And how to make a career out of it!

Listen, I get it… It feels like you’re settling for less than you deserve, like you’re treading water and on the verge of sinking with the weight of dissatisfaction that comes with the status quo. But you don’t know where to go or what to do. Let’s walk together through this step-by-step course in which I will show you how to get absolutely clear on your next move so that it absolutely aligns with YOUR GENIUS ZONE and pays you handsomely. 

You’ll get clear on your goals, craft a step-by-step strategy to achieve them, all while unlocking the gates of your career brand!


Module 1: Mindset & Career Clarity

In week 1, we’re tapping into the REAL YOU. You’re going to get absolute clarity on what you want out of your career, and then you’re going to commit to it. 
We’re also going to understand how fear has been holding you back through what I call the Thinking Trap, and I’m going to walk you through the exact steps to eradicate it and take back control of your future.

Module 2: Setting Your Target

On week 2 we’ll roll up our sleeves and find your target opportunity. Where does your dream opportunity live? You’re going to search for the Dream Opportunities. Fear not, you’ll have the tools to streamline the process and do it quickly! 

Module 3: Your Career Assets

During module 3, we are going to maximize your career assets and show you how to persuade with your resume and cover letter. I’ll share with you all the tools and shortcuts… even my resume and cover letter scripts so you can polish up your career toolkit in a minimal amount of time. We’ll start talking about networking, and we will continue to dig deeper into new strategies over the next few weeks.

Module 4: Personal Branding & Your Visibility Strategy

Module 4 is all about showcasing your brand and harnessing your visibility to attract opportunities. MASTER Your LinkedIn profile. You’re going to get really clear on what you want your platform to look like and we’re going to build it. 

Module 5: Interviewing & Getting What YOU Want

When it comes down to interviewing… I’m pulling all the stops out and bringing in my Head Interviewing Coach to help you demystify the interview process. You’ll understand how to get in the head of the recruiter/head-hunter/hiring manager and get the process to move in your favor. 



Full Payment

$397.00 (Normally $897.00)

6 Months – Payment Plan ($67 today, then 5 x monthly payments of $67 each. Total payments $402)

$67.00 Monthly


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