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How To Overcome Your Insecurities & Attract Your Dream Job By Harnessing The Power Of LinkedIn. Unlock your purpose and begin attracting opportunities on LinkedIn. The Life you want... The Success you want... The Money that you want, is going to be fueled by the career you build... This 14 Day Challenge will show you how to transform your career, get you back in the driver seat & attract opportunities while you sleep.

What does HER LinkedIn Challenge mean to you?​

For everyone it’s different…
For some of you, you’re in a job that you hate, and you’re trying to pivot.
For others, you love what you do, but you’ve hit a glass ceiling where you work… and you’re stuck, but you’re not sure why or what to do about it.
And for others of you, you’re looking to finally be recognized for everything you bring to the table!
Before I share with you MY GOAL for this ‘HER LinkedIn Challenge’ for YOU… Let me ask you a few questions….

Please check all of the questions where your answer is YES!​

If you checked any of the questions above, then I want to invite you to join the HER LinkedIn Challenge and change your career forever.​

So, here is how the challenge works

Need more information before you make your decision?​

Let me break down all the awesome goodies you’ll get when you join the challenge today.​

The first thing you’ll receive is the HER LinkedIn Pre-Challenge Checklist. That we’ll email you immediately so that you are ready to maximize this challenge.


Your challenge portal will have everything you need for success during your 14 days.
When you join the Her LinkedIn Challenge today (for just $47) you can access the portal where you can download the Challenge Playbook, my list of Keywords to hack the LinkedIn algorithm, my collection of banner images for your exclusive use, my collection of scripts for you to easily plug into your ‘About Me’ section, as well as as my networking scripts so you can easily get the conversation started on LinkedIn or email and more.


The first thing you’ll get access to is the 14 days of coaching calls with Olivia. When you join HER LinkedIn Challenge you get 2 weeks of hyper-intensive, yet insanely short training sessions to maximize your learning and networking experience! And here are a few of the bonuses I’ll give you.

The second thing you’ll get access to is HER LinkedIn Challenge Playbook. I’ve designed this playbook to help you customize and IMPLEMENT your plan in just 14 days. Turn education into action, with the challenge you will receive a LinkedIn Playbook that will break down each phase of the challenge so you can follow along.

The Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus #1

Keyword Optimization List

As a member of an elite community of Coaches within Forbes, I recently had the opportunity to ask some of the world’s top recruiters and headhunters a very loaded question. What are the top search trigger keywords used on LinkedIn? Most people think that the best way to get noticed on LinkedIn is through copy-pasting what you have on your resume yet this couldn’t be further from the truth! The LinkedIn Talent Solutions side of the platform (the “other side” where recruiters and hiring managers hang out) works JUST like a search engine some words trigger optimization, and others don’t. I’m going to show you how to exponentially increase YOUR VISIBILITY on the “other side” even if you’re not the most experienced, qualified or even if you’re brand new to LinkedIn. Using my Keyword Optimization list you’ll automatically get more eyeballs on your profile than you ever did! + EXTRA BONUS: I’ve created a video training to walk you along this guide.

Bonus #2

Exclusive and unlimited access to my private collection of Banner Images

Every second counts when your dream opportunity holder views your profile. This is exactly why I want you to have access to my private background image suite with over 50 of my top background images to make your profile more visible enticing. You see, people will judge your profile as a “YES I WANT TO LEARN MORE” or “NOT REALLY APPEALING” profile, within a matter of seconds. Your banner image is inevitably the first thing they will see when they land on your profile. With a captivating image, you set the stage for your dream opportunity holder’s experience. The right image can convey more depth to your profile than all of the words on your profile. Do you want to leave that first impression up to chance? Not when you’ve got my team and me in your corner.

Bonus #3

My Collection of Plug ‘N’ Play about me scripts

After your dream opportunity holder judges the images on your profile, their next step will be to judge you on your about me section. What you say in your About Me section can either make or break your chances at landing that coveted dream and you don’t have room for mistakes. I want to make sure your profile engages and persuades readers from the get-go. This is EXACTLY why I’m giving you my time-tested and proven scripts to create a highly persuasive ABOUT ME section. Your “About Me” will leave readers knowing that you’re the absolute solution to their vacancy and wanting to learn more about you immediately! Whether you’re a total newbie to LinkedIn, or you’ve had a profile for decades, these scripts are the key to influencing behavior in less than 3 sentences. I KNOW you’ve got some serious career gold that you’ve accumulated over the years. I’m going to show you the exact steps to EASILY & QUICKLY transform that career gold into currency that bring you that next dream opportunity right to your door.

Bonus #4

My Collection of Networking Scripts that get you what you want​

So what happens once you have an amazing looking profile and recruiters are knocking at your door? Do you stop there? No way! They say good things come to those who wait. I don’t know who ‘they’ are, but I’m all about getting to more money and better opportunities FASTER. Plus, I want you to have the freedom to connect with WHOM you want, WHEN you want to connect.
This is why I want to give you my proven to persuade networking scripts. These are incredibly easy ways for you to start conversations with new “potential” opportunity holders and get what you want on your terms… even if you HATE networking.
You’ll have a wide variety of messages to chose from. Simply select the best message for each new encounter and start powerful conversations with people you don’t know, and get responses. My team and I are 100% committed to making HER LinkedIn an absolute game-changing experience for your career.

Bonus #5

Exclusive Graduation Training​

During the two weeks we’ll be working together, your career, self-esteem and sense of self worth will reach an all time high. But how do you keep the momentum going after the challenge ends? This is exactly what I will teach you during this 90 minutes graduation training. Make sure you show up ready to take notes and learn, because I’m going to walk you through the strategic steps to keep your career in massive growth mode. You see, your career is define what you want your career to look like, and how to achieve it. This training is inspired by seminars taught at Google and has been adapted specifically for the women who graduate from the challenge.

Here's what some of our ladies are saying . . .​

“Instead of this challenge being the drag in my day, it suddenly became all I wanted to do, and I found myself spending hours on LinkedIn.”


“You will learn how to make an attractive LinkedIn profile… but if you play fully to this challenge, you will go much deeper.”


“On day 5 a professor of neurosurgery reached out and ask me if I was interested in collaborating with him.”


and more . . .

What the experts are saying about Olivia​

-Tony Robbins

“This woman is a game-changer for all other women out there”


“The Resume Guru”


“Fortunate to host Olivia Jaras who inspired & empowered us”

Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of Salary Coaching Products & Services. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, career path, and any other forces beyond our control. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.

Are you ready for this challenge?

Here is your mission should you choose to accept this challenge

Your challenge is to TAKE ACTION and complete the tasks given to you everyday for 14 days. Yes, there will be some prep-work involved. Yes, there will be homework. But every day, you’ll be taking steps toward building your DREAM career! Our only question for you is, Do you have what it takes? By the time the challenge is over, you will outshine your competitors with an insanely optimized LinkedIn profile that brings you opportunities while you sleep. Not only will Olivia help you craft an attractive LinkedIn profile, but it will be highly optimized to bring leads your way even while you sleep.

The HER LinkedIn Challenge is different

The HER LinkedIn Challenge is NOT just some course that you’ll never use. It combines the right Personal Branding KNOWLEDGE. With the PUSH you need to EXECUTE on your LinkedIn profile the right way. And a “no-excuses” ACCOUNTABILITY process so you won’t fall off the hook. That’s the biggest challenge in landing your next big opportunity. It’s almost NEVER a lack of knowledge that’s the problem. It’s a lack of EXECUTION or not executing the right way. As you can probably see, getting access to the HER LinkedIn Challenge is like having me, Olivia Jaras as your own personal coach! The only difference is that you couldn’t buy a 1 hour coaching call with me for less than $1000. So, to get 14 days for only $47 is crazy! And you get everything we talked about above for FREE when you join the HER LinkedIn Challenge today! So, are you excited yet? If so, then NOW is the time to take action!

This challenge is NOT for everyone

If you want to watch every day of the challenge, and say “Thanks, Olivia! That was some great info!” but never actually do anything with it, that’s entirely up to you. (But chances are, nothing will actually change in your career… If that’s what you want to do, then this challenge is probably not for you). But, If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do just a little bit of work for 14 days. If you want to be trained daily by Olivia Jaras, and have her PULL you in the right direction. If you need a good hard PUSH from a coach who will hold you accountable, and make sure that you get these tasks DONE (no excuses). Then we invite you to accept the HER LinkedIn Challenge get your LinkedIn profile optimized, and start creating momentum in your career!

So what's the catch?

We’re doing this challenge, because we KNOW that when you have success quickly getting yourself noticed and landing your dream opportunity, you’re more likely to continue on/ or to join us in The EmpowHER Society. A community of unapologetically ambitious career oriented women. That’s it… that’s our “evil” ulterior motive – for you to have success so you can be part of a major movement hell bent on empowering women and closing the gender wage gap. In fact, the $47 you spend barely covers the R&D and advertising that goes into each challenge we host. Plus, we also pay our affiliates who refer people to this challenge $47 for every two referrals that signup. Chances are you found out about this page from one of those affiliates. So, we actually lose money for each person who joins the challenge. And the few of you who signup without an affiliate telling you about this challenge, you probably found out about it because I paid for an ad on Facebook to get you here.Either way, I REALLY make very little, and in most cases lose money for each person who joins this challenge. So, why would I do this? Because we have a philosophy here at Salary Coaching, that if we can’t show you how to earn more money, then we don’t deserve any of yours. So our goal is to help you earn more money… then hopefully you’ll chose to re-invest some of those profits back into building a movement that EmpowHERs women all over the world. Does that sound more then fair?

Why time is of the essence?

If this page is open, it means that the challenge is still open for registrations, but it will be closing down soon and we are guaranteed to SELL OUT (we always do)! And if you’re wondering well, can’t I just take the challenge next time it opens up? There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago… but the 2nd best time, is NOW.” NOW is the best time for you to take the HER LinkedIn Challenge.

Is there a guarantee?

Of course, I guarantee that if you participate in the challenge, watch the daily trainings, implement what you learn, by the time the challenge is done, you will have an optimized profile and a solid understanding of the core fundamentals to attract career opportunities on LinkedIn. If for some reason you don’t feel like that is true, and you can show us that you did the work outlined during the 14 days, then reach out to receive a full refund of $47. Pretty simple. But if you’re like most people, this experience will change your career trajectory and for some of you, it’ll change your life!

Here's what to do next

From here it’s just finalizing the details. Click on the BUY button to join the challenge and then we can finally get started. Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watching the video and I look forward to hearing your success story at the end of the challenge! In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here’s the deal. When you join the “HER LinkedIn” challenge today (for just $47) I’m going coach you over 14 days to build a LinkedIn profile that brings you opportunities while you sleep, you’ll get my HER LinkedIn Challenge Playbook, as well as my full suite of Banner Images for your profile, easy to use templates to write out your “About Me” section, scripts to persuasively network with ANYONE on LinkedIn or email, PLUS a graduation training to keep the momentum going after the 14 days are over. Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don’t love the the challenge – Show us you did the work and we’ll refund your $47. Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for! Join the “HER LinkedIn Challenge” today!

This course will change the way you think about yourself. Here's a recap of everything you'll get when you join the HER LinkedIn Challenge today.

Total Value: $6,000 but for only $47.

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