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Ready To Drop Your Money Struggles & Boost Your Income?


A special message from Olivia

My dear,
The relationship many women have with money is, well, toxic. We tend to have a scarcity mindset that there’s never enough money. And some of us tell ourselves that money is evil, and it’s wrong to want more of it. But I’m here to tell you that’s the WRONG MINDSET when it comes to money. Money is just an object to be used. It’s a means to an end. Nothing more, nothing less. When you have a negative mindset when it comes to money, it takes on a force in your life that can be debilitating and leave you anxious. And broke.

Ready To Unpack Your Money Baggage And Make Room For Attracting Real Money?

I want to help you break this vicious cycle of scarcity and anxiety with my new “Aligning With The Energy & Frequency of Money” 3-Day LIVE Challenge.
That’s 3 days to unpack the negative thinking that’s been holding you back and to create a new mindset and relationship with money that could literally change your life!
You’re in for a high-energy and mind-blowing few days, as we’ll be covering:

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have shifted from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset which will set you up to attract more opportunities and more money in your life.
And the cost? Just $111.00!
I’ve helped thousands of women get more money in their jobs and businesses. Millions of dollars. And the key ingredient that allowed these women to receive what they deserved was to develop the right money mindset.
Are you ready to join them?

How Creating A New Money Mindset Is Helping To Change Women's Lives

“I am grateful to have crossed paths with Olivia & as a new member of her Women & Money Community. I was able to take part in her “Drop the Money Struggle Challenge”. It was refreshing to have a relevant, to the point workshop delivered with clarity & consideration for where ,we as women are in our money relationship journey.
I honour Olivia’s no BS approach guiding us to really take a look at the “stories” we have & why they don’t serve us. I want to thank Olivia for giving me a few very usable tools & insights in how to grow my money mindset & expand my abundance.”

Jordana Bennett – Entrepreneur

Let's get you re-aligned with the frequency of money...

So you can start calling it in!

This 3 day pre-recorded challenge is designed to help women get rid of the money baggage and welcome more positive money energy (and real money!) into their lives.
So, are you going to continue to stay stuck in a scarcity mindset, always struggling to get ahead?
Or are you going to join me so I can show you how to break free of your money struggles, how to become more energetically aligned with money, and how to get more money finding you?
Because if I can energetically attract more money and opportunities to me, then can you, too!
I hope to see you there!



Full Payment

$111.00 (Normally $297.00)

3 Months – Payment Plan ($37 today, then 2 x monthly payments of $37 each. Total payments $111)

$37.00 Monthly


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